Over the last few years, we’ve seen an impressive growth in projects and organisations using digital technologies such as open hardware, open data and crowdsourcing to tackle social challenges which inspire examples of scale and partnerships with public services. But what next? This question was addressed at last week’s conference organized by Nesta.


The May 16 “What Next For Digital Social Innovation?” conference allowed policymakers, funders and practitioners to share their thoughts on how to make the most of the opportunities for digital social innovation through new approaches to funding, policy and partnerships with public services.

Participants had the chance to discussed themes such as building skills and capacity in the non-profit sector to make the most of DSI; funding, investment and business models for DSI; emerging city-based strategic approaches to DSI, and the future of social digital innovation in Europe.

TechSoup Europe was represented at #dsinext by TechSoup vice-president Anna Sienicka  on the “The current state and the future of DSI in Europe” panel. She talked about our mission: connecting IT specialists with social activists and making social change with tech tools. She also highlighted the need for more women in tech, the importance of learning from failure, and barrier which language continues to provide for access.

In partnership with the best of London’s Tech for Good organisations (including the Open Data Institute, Bethnal Green Ventures, Makerversity, Center for Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST) and Machines Room), we had a chance to visit a number of venues and gained an understanding of some amazing projects which are delivering real social impact. We had the chance to hear from Eleanor Hale who heads TechSoup’s NetSquared network:

Across Europe, there are several examples of organisations bringing together different stakeholders for digital social innovation. TechSoup Europe network and also our TransparenCEE community were recognized in the latest post from Nesta. Read the whole report which documents the fascinating explosion of innovations that are making use of digital tools to rethink social challenges.