Transformations are hard, and digital ones are even harder. A survey on digital transformation shows that the success rate for these efforts is relatively low: less than 30 percent of nonprofits succeed. It’s worth learning how various CSOs have succeeded their transformation.

Digital Transformation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic was one of the fundamental driving forces in transforming how the third sector operates. This was also the case for the Italian nonprofit – Cooperativa Solaris. In February 2020, the organisation was forced to close all its physical services and find a solution to keep in touch with its beneficiaries. 

With the help of the external consultant from TechSoup Italy, they completed the implementation of O365 platform which was introduced to the organisation in 2018 but in the past 2 years had been used at 1% of its potential. 

An important step was also involving a team of internal “cyber-educators” to be trained and to lead the digital transformation of the organisation. In 4 weeks the organisation moved all its services from onsite to the cloud and could offer online services to its beneficiaries. Solaris decided to maintain online modules for many of its services, and to keep an offering for shared content on the cloud for beneficiaries and families. 

Digital Transformation – Solution for Security Issues

Digital transformation strengthens digital security and productivity. Cloud solutions reduce cyber-risks with integrated, best-in-class protection standards. Moving to the cloud significantly improves the security of file sharing and data storage.   

Although Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence’s from Serbia (Beogradski fond za političku izuzetnost) information system was stable, they have started to deal with issues like email security and privacy. Some of their email addresses were blocked or messages not delivered. 

Another problem was document management based on a „primitive“ system of sending documents from one person to another until the document was ready for archiving.

The team decided to upgrade the organisation’s technology infrastructure. With the help of an external consultant, a team member responsible for IT found secure and reliable solutions that suited the organisation’s needs. After presenting to the management team, the board gave a green light to continue with the implementation of Office 365.

The process took several months. One of the biggest challenges was the adoption of the new system and the platform by the staff. But as time passed, they saw the potential and all of the advantages of the new system.

“Thanks to digital transformation, processes are faster, easier and simpler” – says one of the employees.

Digital Transformation – All Data in One Place


Moving to the cloud or not? When the Odessa Regional Organisation of All-Ukrainian NGO Committee of Voters of Ukraine lost some important data with employees leaving the organisation who were using their personal email accounts, they decided that cloud storage is a must.

Using cloud storage as a repository for your files ensures they are safe in case the device gets broken or lost. All storages have an “auto-save” function, so users can protect their work from being wasted.

The organisation applied for an open call for local CSOs to combat the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help from TechSoup partner in Ukraine – Gurt Resource Center experts, they completed the implementation of Google Workspace and began the digital transformation path. Now, all project documentation is stored in project folders in shared drives. Multi-factor authentication was set up for all corporate users. Management and teams feel that the level of cybersecurity has increased significantly.

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