Today, we would like you to meet Sterntalerhof: the digital pioneer going pro with cloud-based solutions.

Sterntalerhof is an independent, non-profit organisation running a children’s hospice and a mobile support service for families with seriously and terminally ill children; it was founded in 1999 in the Burgenland region of eastern Austria.

In 2008, Sterntalerhof wanted to “go pro”, and so they looked around for free, but professional, software and tools to optimise their administrative procedures. 

Sterntalerhof was fortunate to have a broad network of volunteers, family members and friends with a solid knowledge of IT-processes. Together, they helped Sterntalerhof adopt new technology and software at a very early stage of the organisation. However, they felt they needed to take the next step, to improve communication, workflows and document circulation with their volunteers, donors, and beneficiaries.

What Were the Digital Transformation Steps?

  1. Market research for top quality, free-of-charge technological solutions
  2. Choosing CRM software: ”Grün Software”
  3. Support from Stifter-helfen (TechSoup’s partner), who helped by providing software and hardware, such as: Microsoft Office and Google Workspace

What Has Changed?

Sterntalerhof started to use the Google Workspace: Gmail, Google Meet, Google Calendar, and Google docs for everyday communication and administration processes.

They also adopted various chat tools to communicate both internally and externally, such as WhatsApp or the Chat function within Google Workspace. They became more active on social media channels, such as: Facebook and the Facebook donations programme, and a YouTube channel. 

Once they tried these solutions, they have now become eager to implement more digital tools to support their fundraising activities, such as: Instagram, WhatsApp Business, or TikTok. 

What was the result of the digital transformation process?

The digital tools and processes chosen and adopted have helped Sterntalerhof with schedule coordination, working on shared documents, and being more time-efficient. Also, the coordination between all employees has become easier due to a shared calendar, several chat functions, and the variety of social media tools that are used to stay in contact with donors and beneficiaries.

During the lockdown in the Spring and Summer of 2020, many tools, which were already used internally, were also adapted to support their beneficiaries: the children and their families. 

Due to their proactive, early digital transformation, the organisation did not have any problems with adjusting to the home-office situation and their beneficiaries could still participate in several therapeutic sessions that were simply taken online.

Today this digital transformation is complementary to the physical interaction in the office as well as in the field. It’s a vital part of Sterntalerhof’s daily activity and a solid foundation of their successful operation.

Go digital!

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