The nonprofit sector’s digital transformation process boomed during the pandemic. The widespread move to remote work has made the staff at many organisations more open to operational changes than ever. Why do nonprofits need digital transformations? What are the key elements of nonprofit digital transformation? How can nonprofits start their digital journey? Read this blog post and follow the series of stories from the European third sector. 

What is Digital Transformation?  

Digital Transformation is enhancing the impact of your organisation through the adoption of digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — processes, culture, and beneficiaries’ experiences to meet changing requirements. 

Results of the Civil Society Global Study 2020 show that 75% organizations see the benefit in using and investing in technology to make their jobs easier and more efficient but only 22% of them have defined a strategy and timeline for achieving their digital readiness.

At TechSoup, we are thinking about digital transformation as a process that happens through a series of mini-transformations in different areas of your technology capacity. We know many organisations operate in an ad hoc manner with regards to their systems — choosing technology based on immediate needs. 

Digital Transformation can be boiled down to two key areas of your organisation that will enable you to make better decisions and become more adaptive: 

Why Do You Need Digital Transformation for Your Nonprofit? 

There are many benefits that your nonprofit can achieve thanks to digital transformation:  organisational processes, communication, finance, communication, HR. 

Why is it worth putting effort into digital transformation?

Thanks to digital transformation, nonprofits can deliver their services with greater impact for the individuals they serve, elevate their own decision-making processes, and enable policy decisions in their communities. 

What steps can you take toward digital transformation at your nonprofit?  

Consider taking 4 main steps:

  1. Conduct a digital needs assessment 
  2. Select the most appropriate tech solutions 
  3. Implement new tech tools and solutions 
  4. Analyse risks, evaluate the process, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Remember that digital transformation is a long-term investment. It doesn’t refer to a single process, but it’s an overarching long-term commitment to improving an organisation through technology. 

How can you boost digital transformation of your nonprofit?  

Below, we’ve rounded up three tips how you can guide your team through digital transformation process: 

1. Make decisions based on data.

Take a thorough look at how processes in your organisation can be improved. Nonprofits should always understand what they need by doing an audit, what solutions are already in place, what can be improved, what is missing. You first need to get a clear understanding of your current situation.    

2. Find your own path.

No two nonprofits will have the same digital transformation strategy and implementation plan. Focus on your needs and your mission and match the digital solutions and tools accordingly. 

3. Engage the whole team.

Digital transformation is a change process that engages the whole team. 

4. Don’t be afraid to be an early adopter of digital initiatives.

Take an open approach and don’t be afraid of testing new tech solutions. 

How can TechSoup help your nonprofit in the digital transformation journey? 

At TechSoup, we are proud to provide support to nonprofits around the globe in their digital transformation journey. 

With our digital transformation initiatives, we are helping nonprofits to accelerate their digital transformation process and adapt more efficiently to a rapidly changing technology landscape, with the support of peers and nonprofit technology experts. 

At TechSoup we are aiming to: 

If you want to launch digital transformation with your team, visit and choose your country!  

Don’t wait. Go Digital! 

What are digital transformation examples?  

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