Would you like to know everything about public schools in your city from one place? Would you like to monitor the ecological situation in your city online? From now on it is possible in two Ukrainian cities – Lutsk and Kolomyja – participants of our open data project Apps4Cities Ukraine/Дані міст.

With the support of National Endowment for Democracy, TechSoup Europe for 4 years has been able to help Ukrainian city officials embrace the open data movement. This year’s edition of the Apps4Cities Ukraine project was addressed to a community of 35 cities in Ukraine, with which we cooperate on open data solutions.

Traning in Kiev, January 2020 Phot. M.Zinchuk

We offered them comprehensive support towards embracing the steps towards openness policy in their cities: training, workshops, data audits, creating open data platforms, and online tools. We engaged and brought together both city officials and CSO activists, and together they learned open data methodologies and standards.

Cities Online Competition

We invited everybody to participate in an online competition of ideas for the best public service tool that would solve a specific problem of citizens. From among 16 projects submitted, we selected the best two which we help to develop into online services for citizens!

Clean Air

“Clean Air” is an online service and Telegram chatbot thanks to which the inhabitants of Lutsk can monitor the ecological situation in their city!

“Interesting facts about education” is an online service that allows the inhabitants of Kolomyia to know everything about public schools in their city!

We are happy that both websites are the result of cooperation between residents and local authorities. And as usual, we served with support.

The Apps4Cities Ukraine/Дані міст is an open data initiative implemented by TechSoup Europe in cooperation with GURT Resource Center thanks to support of the National Endowment for Democracy.