In the Apps4Cities Ukraine / Дані міст project we have just launched voting for the best public service tool idea that will receive our complex financial and technological support!

Three finalists’ cities are Poltava, Lutsk and Kolomyia who will now compete to collect the biggest number of votes from their hometown communities. Their task is to convince as many internet users as possible to support the idea and collect money for it.



Lutsk is considered one of the most polluted cities in Ukraine. To change this, a group of local activists united efforts with authorities and came up with an idea of placing several air condition detectors across the most polluted places of the city. Lutsk already has a few air sensors but needs a platform where collected data could be integrated and visualised. Here comes the Dani Mist project! As they learned about the project’s Open Challenge they applied with their idea and now try to win the voting.


This, however, will not be easy due to tough competition from other contestants – Kolomyia and Poltava. The latter city, represented by local activists and officials also applied with an ecology-related project. They want to build the city noise map – a platform with integrated data from noise sensors and noise pollution!


The last but not the least idea was submitted by the community of Kolomyia town and is related to education. The activists and officials for a long time were dreaming of a platform with visualised data on education, with easy-to-understand statistics and graphical explanations on the number of schools, quality of education, the condition of infrastructure and other information useful for the local community.

The winner city will receive complex financial and technological support from the Dani Mist project and its team from TechSoup Europe and GURT Resource Center. The best project will be implemented and bring lots of benefits to citizens.


Before the voting has started, city officials had a chance to work on their open data services ideas with experts during 2-day workshops in Kiev aswering a few basic questions:

📌How to improve the idea for a public service based on open data?

📌How to visualize data?

📌How to promote future services among the community?