Our French partner Solidatech  launched OpenAsso, the collaborative platform at the service of the nonprofit world!

For years, Solidatech has been working to support the French NGO sector. Nonprofits have repeatedly asked for a space to share their experiences, plans, and best practices. Today, we are very happy to introduce OpenAsso, the collaborative platform for the nonprofit world.

Developed with a team of ten expert members, this platform includes articles by experts and a question-and-answer centre to help the French organizations with day-to-day challenges…

A platform for answers to nonprofits questions

OpenAsso is a space where nonprofit leaders can:

  1. Learn from expert articles.
  2. Share their knowledge by answering questions from members.
  3. Advance their organization by asking questions of experts or fellow members that are participating in OpenAsso.

The platform aims to simplify the daily management of a nonprofit and answers to questions about communications, accounting, administrative, legal issues, technology and human resources: all the practical aspects of everyday nonprofit life are covered. Within OpenAsso anyone can ask a question and the OpenAsso community is committed to answering it.

“The platform provides nonprofits with practical and useful information, in a spirit of sharing and collaboration.”

Cécile Bazin, Director of Recherches & Solidarités and Co-founder of OpenAsso

Founded as an initiative of AssoConnect, Solidatech and Recherches & Solidarités, the OpenAsso platform brings together the major players in the sector, representing several hundred thousand nonprofit leaders.

“There was a lack of space for exchanges between nonprofits so in order for them to share their experiences and help each other, a digital solution appeared to us to be the best answer to overcome geographical and logistical limitations.”

Claire Dubien, Solidatech‘s Development Manager and Co-founder of OpenAsso.

With OpenAsso, each partner brings its own specific know-how: La Ligue de l’Enseignement, Animafac, Le Mouvement Associatif, Fidal, Tous Bénévoles, Relations d’Utilité Publique, Accointance, Samson Conseil & Formation, DigitESS, Rhizcom, L’Agence Orientation Durable and L’Association Française des Fundraisers.

OpenAsso makes the everyday life of nonprofits leaders easier.

“OpenAsso’s goal is to create the largest community of exchanges between nonprofit leaders and to contribute to boosting this sector in the era of digital technology.”

Arnaud de la Taille, CEO of AssoConnect and Co-founder of OpenAsso.

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