Operational Security Guide

If you would like to learn more about being safe and resilient against cyber threats, watch the recording from the webinar we did on June 22, 2021, led by Melanie Rieback and one of her ethical hackers, Stefan Marsiske.

“Operational Security (OpSec) is a continuous process to ensure operational success in the face of adversaries. […] Before you understand how to protect yourself, you should realise how to attack yourself.”

– Melanie Rieback, CEO/Co-founder of Radically Open Security, NL

This one-hour presentation is a whirlwind tour of the operational security process for NGOs and civil society activists. It includes some battle stories and sketches of security incidents and their fallout. The speakers are also presenting concrete countermeasures, tools, and best practices for organisations or individuals to become safer in the cyber space. This presentation is both informative and entertaining, as the presenters have over a decade of collective experience in training NGOs and civil society organizations.


  • You’ll be able to follow a five-step process increasing your organisation’s Operational Secuirty.
  • You’ll be able to identify key threats lurking in the cyber space.
  • You’ll learn which internet tools and communicators can be more secure than others.

Here is the full Radically Open Security “OpSec Guide”.

If you’d like to contact the speakers or Radically Open Security Team directly, send an email to: info@radicallyopensecurity.com

In her presentation, Melanie has mentioned the threat of Internet content manipulation, such as deep or cheap fakes. For those interested in the subject of fake news, we also have a great webinar recording on cheapfakes.


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