ACTION SEE (Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in the South East Europe region) is a network of civil society organizations that jointly work on promoting and ensuring government accountability and transparency in the region of South-East Europe, raising the potential for civic activism and civic participation, promoting and protecting human rights and freedoms on the internet and building capacities and interest within civil society organizations and individuals in the region in using technology in democracy promotion work.

The core members of the network are Metamorphosis from Macedonia, Center for Democratic Transition from Montenegro, Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability from Serbia and CA Why not from Bosnia. We also work with partners from Albania – Mjaft, Kosovo – Open Data Kosovo and Croatia, as well as partners from other countries in Europe and the world.

The network members commit to working on the following goals:

Focus areas

Civic engagement, transparency & open data

Countries served

Bosnia and Hercegovina


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