Centrum Cyfrowe

Centrum Cyfrowe, organization supporting openness and participation in the digital world.
We are making the world more inclusive, more cooperative and more open by changing the way people learn, participate in culture, use the internet and exercise their rights as internet users.

Together with Centrum Cyfrowe, we made the first open data project in Warsaw, Poland – Apps4Warsaw. In 2018 we are organising a hackathon for the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Centrum Cyfrowe strategic objectives

Competent users. We support users of digital technologies in improving their skills and competences related to openness and cooperation.

Open institutions. We cooperate with institutions to make sure that they work in an open manner in order to carry out their social mission.

Good regulations. We work towards adjusting regulations and using legal tools to support the needs and rights of users, as they participate in open circulations of resources online.

The social dimension of technology. We diagnose social and cultural changes taking place in our society with the influence of digital technologies. We introduce a perspective of civic responsibility and caring about openness and the common good to the public debate on technology.

Focus areas

Civic engagement, transparency & open data
Digital inclusion

Countries served



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