FriSe – Volunteer Centres & Self Help Denmark

Frivilligcentre & Selvhjælp (FriSe) is an independent membership organization. Our member base consist of 80 volunteer centres and self-help organizations, who work to strengthen the communities in which they operate.

The Danish volunteer centres are at the core of the work that we do. Their mission is to promote volunteering and to contribute to social change by bringing non-profits, citizens, public sector and corporations together in order to bettering social challenges.

In FriSe, we initiate projects that strengthen the work carried out by our members. We aim to use technology as a means of doing this – since 2005, we have created connections between volunteers and nonprofits via, the largest volunteering platform in Denmark. Besides running as a national database for volunteer opportunities, we create local volunteering databases in partnership with volunteer centres and local authorities using’s technology.


Focus areas

Technology donations and services
Social inclusion
NGO capacity building & education

Countries served



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