Fundacja TechSoup

Fundacja TechSoup (FTS) helps civil society organizations benefit from technology to achieve their missions. FTS supports nonprofits by providing ICT resources, organizing and providing access to data, convening activists, and sharing knowledge.

Fundacja TechSoup (FTS) was established by TechSoup Global (based in San Francisco) in 2009 as an independent Polish foundation. FTS acts as a regional TechSoup office supporting the growth of the TechSoup Global Network (TSGN) both globally and throughout the European region.


FTS provides cheaper access to legal, up-to-date software, hardware, solutions and services to nonprofits, libraries and museums in Poland through TechSoup Polska.


We also teach how to use new technologies. We organize training and international events for our partners, civil society organizations and grass-root activists that learn how technology helps to tell their stories, attract allies, earn money or boost their media literacy skills (Akademia Dobrej Komunikacji, DIGILEAD, MEGAPHONE, Hive Mind).

Tech4Good Solutions

Together with organizations, activists, IT specialists, local administration, and funders we build social applications and civic tech products and take care of their development (eg. Apps4WarsawAppss4CitiesTransparenCEE).

CSR Services

Fundacja TechSoup facilitates collaborations and the flow of technological knowledge, between the business, non-governmental and public sectors.

Thanks to local connections, relevant expertise, and large capacity to quickly develop meaningful and far-reaching CSR projects, Fundacja Techsoup collaborates with corporations locally, regionally, and globally and create, curate, and scale CSR projects and solutions across many communities (Meet and Code).

Focus areas

Technology donations and services
Civic engagement, transparency & open data
CSR partnerships
Refurbished Hardware
NGO capacity building & education
Community building

Countries served



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