Haus des Stiftens gGmbH

Haus des Stiftens is a social enterprise that wants to facilitate effective engagement and thus contribute to more public welfare. To this end, it works together with various partners – companies and large non-profit organizations – to develop special offers for small and medium-sized donors, foundations, associations and other non-profits.

Today’s Haus des Stiftens gGmbH was founded in 1995 by the charitable Brochier Foundation, which is still its sole shareholder.


Under orientation, private individuals as well as non-profits can find the social enterprise’s charitable offering for capacity building and start-up aid for effective engagement and – since the end of 2017 – also for development cooperation.

An important building block is the webinar program, which has counted around 26,000 participants from non-profit organizations since its launch in 2014.


The service division primarily addresses legally dependent foundations with small budgets and voluntary structures, but also medium-sized foundations and other non-profits. Services range from establishing and administering foundations administration through to consulting and communication services.

Haus des Stiftens currently manages more than 1,370 foundations with assets totalling 420 million euros. In addition, the social enterprise can fall back on a lawyer’s office which is affiliated to the house and specializes in non-profit law.

Asset Pooling Funds

Our three asset pooling funds are the latest offering. It enables small and medium-sized foundations and other non-profit organizations to benefit from the advantages of investment funds that were previously reserved for large foundations. The asset pooling funds are based on the following idea:

The assets of the three funds currently amount to more than 77 million euros.

IT Portal

The IT portal Stifter-helfen provides products, services and tools of renowned IT companies as an IT donation or at special conditions to non-profit organizations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Know-how around modern technologies is also available on the three country platforms.

The IT portal is operated in all three countries by Haus des Stiftens gGmbH (charitable limited company) in partnership with TechSoup. In Austria, the Fundraising Verband Austria is also on board as a local partner for marketing, communication and networking. The IT portal was launched in Germany in 2008, in Austria in 2012 and in Switzerland in 2013. Since then, almost 57,000 non-profit organizations have registered in the three countries.

Focus areas

Technology donations and services
CSR partnerships
Refurbished Hardware
NGO capacity building & education

Countries served



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