ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad

ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad (ILUNION T&A) is a technology and consultancy company belonging to ILUNION, the social enterprise of the ONCE Foundation. The main objective of the ONCE Foundation is to carry out job-training integration and employment programmess for persons with disabilities, and promote the global accessibility of products and services for them. The foundation belongs in turn to ONCE, the National Organisation of the Spanish Blind.

ILUNION T&A is a leading expert in accessible technology for disabled people. Its mission is to develop quality technology solutions that could be used by all people, regardless of their abilities. Since 2001, ILUNION T&A has provided consultancy, training, R&D, assessment and certification in accessibility-related matters for a wide portfolio of products and services such as websites, apps, business intelligence solutions, buildings, infrastructures, etc. Services also include communication and design, social research, observatories related to accessibility and disability, user experience, and much more. ILUNION T&A has led different consortiums for research projects co-funded by the European Commission on accessibility and ICT, such as Cloud4all or APSIS4all, and participates as a partner in others such as Prosperity4all.

The DONO technology donation program was launched in partnership with TechSoup in 2006. The DONO program helps NGOs to fulfill their technology needs as well as providing cutting-edge resources and advice on technological planning, tips and tricks, and other technology-related assistance. More than 5,000 NGOs have have been served through the programme.

Focus areas

Technology donations and services
CSR partnerships
Social inclusion
NGO capacity building & education
Digital inclusion

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