MISSS (Youth Information and Counseling Center in Slovenia)

MISSS is a nonprofit making NGO (institute) that works with various organizations and individuals. Main purpose is to implement social welfare and youth programs that are designed for children, adolescents and parents. Majority of the programs are user oriented, based on the guidance and support, dealing with different life situations, and integration of disadvantaged and deprived population focused on young people.

MISSS works on the national level and in community as well. Young people get the possibility to develop activities, thoughts and feelings in the direction of the successful fulfilment of their development needs which, during maturing, especially in the adolescent period, are specifically expressed.

Project users are children, youth, parents, teachers and non-profits national wide. We cooperate very closely with other youth centres and all institutions, societies and organizations important for youth.


MISSS develops programs (information & counselling, general and specific prevention program) that supplement each other and create the network of psychosocial prevention. MISSS develops and provide services on 5 different areas:


MISSS promotes the development of counselling activities and aid for young people within the framework of local centres. MISSS has been a member of European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) since 1995. And plays an important role in governing the network.

As a national partner of Safer Internet Centre Slovenia we promote and ensure better internet for kids. MISSS provides interactive workshop for children youngsters in 400 Slovenian schools every year.


We run a day-care centre prevention centre Skupaj v skupnosti (Together in a community) and is available for the greatest number of possible users and is directed towards quality of life. We use using information and games as a powerful tool to help children and youngsters that are threatened in their development by various unfavourable psychosocial factors.

POMP – Psychosocial Support to Families of Immigrants

The programme is aimed at social, cultural, economic and political integration of immigrant families who have immigrated to Slovenia in the last years. The aim of the programme is to improve the quality of family life and communication of all necessary information, support and advice on various options and outputs from the individual’s specific life hardships such as: solving problems in the family, family communication, understanding and assertion of social rights, opportunities and methods of education and exercising their right to health care, access to work and employment, housing policy. The aim is to provide high-quality integration of individuals into society, it is therefore necessary to ensure effective access to social, cultural, economic and political rights.


Since 2015 MISSS operates as Tech Soup Slovenia – partner of TechSoup Global Network.

MISSS established supportive environment which helps non-governmental organizations to save resources for information and communication technologies (ICT) and have the greatest benefit from donated software products. (www.techsoup.si)TechSoup Slovenia is searching to find innovative ways to help where no infrastructure exists to do so. Our top priority is building NGO’s capacity, so they can better serve the needs of those who rely on them.


Focus areas

Technology donations and services
Social inclusion
Refurbished Hardware
NGO capacity building & education
Digital inclusion

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