Non-profit Information and Training Center (NIOK) Foundation

NIOK Foundation is a sector developer organization, which means that we help other non-profit organizations to improve their operations, and be sustainable by working effectively and diversifying their resources.

We operate a news portal and a weekly newsletter to share information within the non-profit sector in Hungary, as well as to provide information on legal matters, accounting and other topics of interest to non-profits.

We have developed and operate a number of online and offline tools and services to help non-profit organizations with their fundraising activities, including an online payment service, a mobile donation program and a crowdfunding platform. These services are all incorporated in one donation portal, where people can donate quickly and easily to projects or the non-profit organization of their choice.

Besides advising organizations on how to do their fundraising and use these tools, and how to communicate better to the public, we also run campaigns to let people know why non-profit organizations’ work is important and why they need to donate their money or time to help them operate.

NIOK is also the Hungarian partner organization of TechSoup, a global network of organizations that distribute software donations, hardware and discounted software to non-profit organizations and libraries. CivilTech was launched in partnership with TechSoup in 2007.

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