SOCIALware is a Belgian nonprofit that provides nonprofit organizations with the technology they need to strengthen their performance, improve their fundraising capacity and increase their social impact.

SOCIALware started off as pilot programme for IT product donation to the Belgian non-profit community within the Consortium Louvain Développement in 2005. In 2007 SOCIALware was officially established as a Belgian non-profit in partnership with TechSoup and expanded to the Netherlands in 2009 in partnership with Stichting GeefGratis. Stichting GeefGratis offers free off-the-shelf internet services to charitable organisations in the Netherlands.

SOCIALware has built a community of 13,000 validated non-profit organisations throughout Benelux, benefiting a combined retail value of more than 150 million € in kind donations of IT products and services.

Other SOCIALware programs:


Focus areas

Technology donations and services
CSR partnerships
Refurbished Hardware
NGO capacity building & education
Digital inclusion

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