Tech Trust

Tech Trust empowers UK charities to accelerate their mission through technology. It provides access to online fundraising, email marketing, software and cloud solutions for non-profits along with advice on selecting and utilising the right technology.

Tech Trust is a charity that was established to encourage other UK charities to embrace new technologies to further their missions. To that end, we run several programmes that are designed to help charities with any level of IT competence to learn more, access better tech, and drive social change in new ways.

As well as running providing greater access to leading tech through the IT donation programme we run alongside TechSoup, we look to inspire and educate charities about the possibilities of the tools available.

We do this in a number of ways, including Charity Digital News, which evangelises tech news, Tech4Good events that we run around the country with partners like Microsoft and Google, partnered training and digital-service support to charity clients.

Focus areas

Technology donations and services
Civic engagement, transparency & open data
NGO capacity building & education
Community building
Digital inclusion

Countries served

United Kingdom (UK)


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