Teplitsa of Social Technologies

Teplitsa of Social Technologies – is a public educational project aimed to develop cooperation between non-profit sector and IT-specialists. Teplitsa is a brand that encompasses a website, a series of educational events, and a software development team with associated products.

Teplitsa’s main aim is to strengthen civil society with the smart use of technology. Through connection of civic activists, CSO workers, and socially aware IT, media, and creative businesses, Teplitsa aims to develop culture of creation of civic online applications.

Key programs and activities (in Russian):

  1. Free and open source fundraising plugin Leyka;
  2. Platform where CSOs can request and receive help from IT-Volunteers (over 4,5 thousand users);
  3. Teploset – educational platform for activists from small and medium towns;
  4. Paseka’ – association of more than hundred web studios that pledged to help civil society organizations;
  5. Consultations to NGOs;
  6. Educational YouTube channel (over 16 thousand subscribers);
  7. Educational website on technology for CSO;
  8. Annual conference ‘Net April’ (2018; 2019);
  9. Regular Tech/Society meetups in Moscow;
  10. Various educational event formats including hackathons, webinar courses, workshops, etc.
  11. Kandinsky – WordPress site constructor with pre-defined content for CSOs;


According to the electronic survey conducted in September 2018 (N=66) among CSO directors and program managers, nearly 40 percent of Teplitsa’s beneficiaries noted an important role that Teplitsa plays in connecting civil society organizations with each other and with ICT specialists, and 52 percent agreed that Teplitsa provides the conditions, knowledge, and skills for better usage of new ICT tools for better communication with target audiences. Leyka, free and open source fundraising plugin, that has been developed by Teplitsa, helped at least 35 organizations to fundraise approx. $1,292,000 US in 2018.

Focus areas

Technology donations and services
NGO capacity building & education

Countries served



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