U.G. “Zašto ne”

The NGO Why not is an organization that deals with the construction of safe, healthy, active, efficient and responsible BiH society as a whole, both in terms of the authorities as in terms of civil society and citizens, all of which together with other civil society organizations, institutions and individuals .

The organization was established as a youth peace organization with the purpose of working on the demilitarization of the BiH society and establishing the right to conscientious objection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in the course of our work the mission of the organization expanded and is currently adapted to current needs and values ​​of our founders and members.

The organization is working in Bosnia and has partners in most local communities. In addition to four (4) employees there are 15 external associates and more than 200 volunteers who support our work. Through various joint initiatives, several hundred people are included in our work. Generally we are working with those aged from 16 to 35, but also with other target groups, such as workers, pensioners, women, journalists and other groups which are part of our projects.

Together with TechSoup Europe we work on TransparenCEE initiative.

Focus areas

Civic engagement, transparency & open data
Community building

Countries served

Bosnia and Hercegovina


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