Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation

Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation is one of the biggest grant-making foundations in Bulgaria.

We encourage people to give for social development, provide infrastructure and support for local giving, make grants to civic organizations to develop the communities they serve and support the development of nascent civil society organizations with investment in their capacity, including tech one.

We convene business community to be socially responsible and facilitate their giving through the management of donor-advised funds.

The work of WCIF has its place in the process of development of Bulgarian civil society in the long-term. The initiatives we develop and support bring back a forgotten notion – the notion that the individual responsibility, trust, care and philanthropy are of significant importance for the life in a free and democratic society.

The donation programme, TechSoup Bulgaria operates in partnership with WCIF and was launched with TechSoup Global in 2009.

The core part of the work of WCIF is grantmaking and dissemination of other resources for civil society development. In its 15 years of operation, WCIF has funded more than 1100 projects of civil groups and organisations in the sphere of local development.

WCIF manages a variety of funds and grantmaking programmes which provide financial resources to NGOs / informal groups / scholarships and awards to individuals on the basis of open calls for proposals such as:

Other areas of WCIF’s work:

Focus areas

Technology donations and services
Civic engagement, transparency & open data
CSR partnerships
Social inclusion
NGO capacity building & education
Community building
Digital inclusion
Other (Like individual Philanthropy)

Countries served



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