Activists and NGOs need to spread the word about their mission, engage new supporters, and fundraise in more ways. Learn with us how to do it!

Story of Elena Calistru and her organisation Funky Citizens from Romania proves that the shrinking civic space in CEE is not just a theoretical issue. Activists, who got into their work to fight for the values and vision they believed in, suddenly find themselves under direct attack from the media (often times public TV stations with nationwide outreach), online trolls sometimes even in physical danger. They need to defend their work and readjust their strategies. Elena’s story shows how to recover from such sudden and unwarranted attacks and how to even use them to your advantage.

In November 2018, we organised MEGAPHONE, activists’ response to shrinking civic spaces. During two days of the event, activists tried to understand propaganda, disinformation and find ways of reacting to it. If you would like to learn new skills and techniques of how to tell engaging stories, visualize data, prepare engaging campaigns using humour but also take care of yourself. For those who couldn’t join us, we prepared a lot of useful materials that you can use at your daily work.

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