DTS4SS Mobility project is a continuation of TechSoup Europe investment in strengthening educational initiatives of the network in order to better serve nonprofits.

This joint initiative of 8 partners focuses on internal development and training of up to 72 TSE network staff and scaling already existing training resources. TSE network staff of 5 partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, North Macedonia, and Poland (as sending organizations) supported by three partners from the network as hosting organizations (Italy, Romania, Turkey) will take part in 5 different 3-day long trainings:

  1. Ankara, Turkey – Building effective NGO communications strategy
  2. Warsaw, Poland – Guiding NGOs on their Digital Transformation Journey
  3. Bucharest, Romania – Combating Shrinking Civil Space: How disinformation is affecting civil society and ways to combat it
  4. Milan, Italy – Training Development Methodology – how to design training courses and become better trainers
  5. Vienna, Austria – Creating Effective Campaigns through Storytelling and Creation of positive narratives

With this new Mobility project, we want to scale already existing training resource and share the knowledge with other TSE partners so they can go onto to leverage the content for use in their organizations.

Each training curriculum will be designed on already existing trainings and materials within the TechSoup Europe network.

Up to 72 partners’ staff will take part in trainings.


The project is possible thanks to European Union. Mobility projects implemented by NIOK, WCIF, FVA and Metamorphosis are co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Fundacja TechSoup implements ‘Digital and Training Skills for the Social Sector’ project in the frame of Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development that is co-financed from European Social Fund.


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