In January 2021 we kicked-off the DLNGO 2.0! In a strong consortium of eleven TechSoup partners, we will work together to enhance the digital literacy and TechSoup Europe digital transformation programme and partners projects in order to better serve nonprofits.

During the project, partners: Les Ateliers du Bocage (formal lead), Fundacja TechSoup (co-lead), Social Techno (Italy), Fundraising Verband Austria (Austria), Fondacija Mozaik (Bosnia and Herzegovina), GURT (Ukraine), Asociacion TS Spain (Spain), Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation WCIF (Bulgaria), NIOK (Hungary), MISSS (Slovenia), Haus des Stiftens (Germany) will exchange their best practices related to digital literacy and digital transformation of the social sector.

We hope to strengthen a common TechSoup’s framework for guiding the social sector through their digital transformation journey as well as to align in TSE network in a practical approach used towards supporting nonprofits.

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