DLNGO – Digital Literacy Framework for the Social Sector

DLNGO aims to improve the digital literacy skills of NGO staff and volunteers, as well as the marginalised communities they serve, at a European wide level.

DLNGO brings together seven TechSoup Europe partners to strengthen TSE education programmes and promote collaboration within network partners through the exchange of good practices.

Main goals of the project are:

  1. Contribute to the development and enhancement of the digital literacy programmes of each of the project partners in their respective regions.
  2. Learn from each others’ digital literacy practices, identify synergies, come up with effective ways to continue working together through the exchange of ideas, practices, experiences, and methodologies among partners.
  3. Explore a definition for a basic educational framework for digital literacy in the NGO sector, that is, what is a basic standard set of educational content related to digital literacy that all NGOs should have access to.

The project activities consist of a set of face to face and virtual meetings as well as dissemination to the broader TechSoup global network.

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