Webinars Designed for Nonprofits

What started in 2012 as a pilot project with online training courses for IT products now counts the 26,000 participants in Germany. Based on Stifter-helfen experince and with the network help, other TechSoup Europe partners also launched their webinar program for non-profits.

The free webinars of Stifter-helfen.net – IT for non-profits – are targeted specifically at charitable organizations and have developed from a pilot project into a cornerstone of the portal’s know-how offering of its own.

The webinar program has been available at Stifter-helfen.de since 2014. In about 280 webinars, representatives of associations, foundations, gGmbHs (charitable limited companies) and other non-profit organizations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have not only acquired IT knowledge, but have also undergone practical training for subjects ranging from legal issue over to taxation for nonprofits through to fundraising. Speakers come from different industries such as IT companies, law firms, publishers, online marketing agencies or non-profit organizations. They pass on their knowledge pro bono to non-profit organizations during the webinars.

Peer to Peer Learning Among the Network

Mentors from Haus des Stiftens together with TechSoup US  team, both experienced in running a very successful webinar education programme, in February 2017 provided practical training for the TechSoup Europe Network members. Participants from 11 countries from our network practised together various aspects of webinars production and also explored principles of adult education, such as the ADDIE Instructional Design Model.

Based on this pilot training, in 3 months all participants produced 15 webinars addressing social topics with a local context and in various languages. They noted 1500 registrations and 650 participants.

After a successful premiere, TechSoup Balkans launched their own regular webinars programme and TechSoup Italy developed TechSoup Academy – an educational offer with online courses designed for non-profits.

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