Game Changer

Engaging Youth to Promote Inclusion, Open-Mindedness and to Counter Radicalisation

Game Changer is an international project funded by the European Union utilizing innovative technology and cross-sectoral cooperation to empower NGOs and youth leaders  to respond to the growing trend of radical and/or extreme behavior in young people throughout Europe.

Game Changer promotes tolerance, respect and civic engagement among young people to prevent polarization within communities. Through education, online social media campaigns, and social city games Game Changer encourages youth to be more accepting of cultural differences, personal preferences and to engage in dialogue to eliminate cultural and lifestyle misconceptions.

Our aim was to encourage more young people to be the change in building a more inclusive, open-minded, diverse, and peaceful Europe.



Partner NGOs and Ambassadors of Change (young leaders) from Greece, France and Poland received a variety of trainings, educational materials and experts support which allowed led effective social media campaigns and social city games, and be a voice for change in their local communities.

Here you can find our tools library + follow our YouTube channel to learn more.

Online Campaigns

Ambassadors of Change led by partner NGOs and experts conducted 39 online social media campaigns with a total reach of more than 55k targeting their local community and peers. These online campaigns promoted positive narratives and encouraged more tolerant views of differences in people and culture.

Here you can find tools and resources to help you guide young people through creating impactful campaigns on a social media platform of their choosing.

Social City Games

Our offline platform allows youth to play a guided “Social City Game” created by our partners. The game can be used by NGOs to address anxieties and grievances young people feel in their local communities. It encourages young people to question their intolerant and potentially radical views, helps create connections and knocks down barriers that may further encourage their existing ideology and/or behaviors.

Nonprofits from 18 countries organised 123 offline and online social city games played by 1,565 young people.  73% of players believed that they discussed social issues during the games and 45% said it has changed the way they perceive the topics discussed (for example hate speech, LGBTQ+ rights, bullying).


Game Changer is a partnership between TechSoup Europe, a leader in delivering technology and solutions to support civil society organisations, and NGOs working with young people: L’association Artemis (France), Civis Polonus (Poland), Impact Hub Athens and Logou Paignion (Greece). RNW Media/RNTC (Netherlands) and ExploreIT (Poland) assisted with development, training and research.


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