Hive Mind

Hive Mind is a new initiative supported by TechSoup Europe. It’s a cutting-edge online harbour gathering activists, trainers, journalists, CSOs, teachers, university students, and a wider community interested in learning more about improving media literacy skills.

For different audience types, Hive Mind offers different value propositions. From simple information and news-based blog posts, to fully custom developed self-paced courses, Hive Mind produces and publishes content to deliver high-quality learning experiences with 4 main topics at its core:

  1. Countering disinformation
  2. Digital safety and security
  3. Creating positive narratives
  4. Media literacy online

In addition to the existing 4 topics, Hive Mind develops further educational materials on selected areas and topics.

Who Is It For?

Learning Space

Hive Mind is in the process of finalizing a learning platform to host various types of training for diverse audiences.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, in-person meetings are not feasible, so an innovative offline space has been created, trying to best reflect an offline training environment. It aims at creating opportunities to communicate with experts, as well as enables uploading/downloading materials. Learning space will also offer self-paced courses to users who wish to continue their learning journey at their own pace and schedule. With online best practices put at the core of Hive Mind initiative, the mobile-friendly online course environment will present both longer and shorter (bite-size) courses to let both the wider public and the community of practice continue improving their skills.

Trainer’s Space

Hive Mind aims to enable trainers to create their professional profiles and let its audience reach out and connect with them more easily. Hive Mind has already started to generate a wide reach in the CEE region and started generating website traffic focused on specific audiences: By doing this, it intends to:

Showcasing Your Work

Hive Mind gathers an audience interested in improving skills on countering disinformation, cybersecurity, creating positive narratives and media literacy online.

It cooperates with researchers, analysts, policy-makers, trainers and leaders in their fields. From now on, there is an opportunity to publish their work, present and promote future training schedules and extend their outreach and visibility. Hive Mind is designed to accommodate different formats of content from text-based pieces to video and voice-based content.

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