MEGAPHONE is an annual international event that provides space for collaborative discussions and peer-to-peer learning to brainstorm new ideas between activists, action groups, and NGOs from Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus, who are struggling in the era of polarization, disinformation, and social media algorithms.

Activists and NGOs are facing a global pushback. Technology is accelerating that process and we need to better understand how it’s happening. But technology can also connect us and amplify our activist response.

In reaction to the attacks, we must tell our stories and strengthen our narratives. We need to get people involved in our causes, and use technology as a megaphone for engagement. That’s we organize a few days gathering in different places in Central and Europe providing space for collaborative discussions and peer-to-peer learning for activists from the region.

After the events, we share knowledge during online webinars and a series of podcasts.


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