Teaching the Future

Teaching the Future  (Predau Viitor) is the first computer science (CS) teaching accelerator in Romania, created and built by our Romanian partner – Asociatia Techsoup with the support of the Romanian American Foundation. Predau Viitor directly connects CS high-school teachers to the Romanian IT industry and helps them to create and experiment new methods of project and product development based CS teaching, and to build innovative education resources for CS teachers.

Predau Viitor helps high-school CS teachers to establish multidisciplinary and project-based outlines in math and science track schools.  It also brings the IT industry closer to the teaching community and help the industry become more involved and committed to enhancing the quality of the didactic process.

Bearing in mind Asociata TechSoup’s long-term commitment to increase the quality of computer science education in Romania, the pilot programme of the 2016-2017 school year took place in 12 national computer science colleges and theoretical high schools in 8 cities – covering some of the best computer science education centres from Romania.


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