TransparenCEE is a community-oriented project for strengthening the capacity of NGO, IT, and media organisations that use technology and open data for better transparency, accountability, and governance in the Central and Eastern Europe.

The project’s goal is to promote increased transparency and accountability by harnessing open public data in new and innovative ways, sharing of best practices, mapping successful transparency and accountability projects and regulatory frameworks throughout the region.

Connecting civic activists

Network members work to create a space for the exchange of ideas and best practices as well as to create new collaborations between like-minded stakeholders across borders and sectors. We do it by:

Research and Analysis

What is civic tech? What issues does it resolve? What are the proposed technological solutions? How does look the Asset Declarations in CEE Countries? If you are interested, we may help you to get up to speed with the most important trends in civic technology.

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Civic tech tools

We identify successful local projects and we replicate them to other countries by building capacity in receiving organizations. We also experiment by co-creating cross-border tech solutions that can aid activists around the region. Our community created or scalled eleven civic tech tools.

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