Tech Trust launched a software marketplace specifically for charities. It provides charities with discounts on software, services and tools to support their missions.

The tt-marketplace is a programme offered by our partner from UK – the Tech Trust, a charity with 17 years’ worth of experience helping charities utilise new technologies.

As well as the tt-marketplace, Tech Trust runs the UK’s only IT donation programme (the tt-exchange), the foremost news portal for digital use in the charity sector (Charity Digital News) and more.

The goal of all of Tech Trust’s programmes is to give charities the tools, knowledge and affordable access to products and services that will drive their missions forwards.

Connecting the best tech providers to the charities

This platform has been created with the specific goal of better connecting the best tech providers to the charities that would benefit most from their services. Charities are registered for free by signing up to our tt-exchange programme, which gives access to the best, charity-specific offerings available.

Tech Trust is always on the lookout for new tech companies that want to do more good to the social sector and regularly update the catalogue of partners it links to. We also constantly look to refine the platforms that we signpost through the tt-marketplace, to save charities time in selecting the solutions that best suit their needs.