As TechSoup Global Network we want to better support nonprofits in their digital transformation. Together with our partners, we cooperate on many levels and joint educational initiatives. At the end of June 2022, we gathered in Lisbon with six TechSoup partners hosted by Entrajuda for the training “How to support CSOs in their Digital Transformation”.

During 3 days-long training, we were strengthening the competencies of TechSoup partners staff around principles of digital transformation. Together with Via (Czech Republic), NIOK (Hungary), Metamorphosis (North Macedonia), Fundacja TechSoup (Poland) and Fundraising Verband Association (Austria), we were exploring different initiatives, and testing tools implemented in partner countries. 

What are the benefits for participants and for their organization from participating in the Erasmus+ mobility project? Check their testimonials:

“The training gave me interesting insights and food for thought about various digital transformation processes and the opportunities as well as challenges they represent. I am empowered and enriched for my ongoing work in accompanying Czech nonprofits on their journey toward digital maturity. Also it was great meeting and networking with TechSoup colleagues from other countries. Hats off and many thanks to the organizing team!”

“The training provided a broader insight and hints from peer organisations to address the most sensitive side of assisting civic organisations in their development: how to understand their motivation and hidden moving forces in order to assist them effectively. This is sometimes a missing, but underlying point in our work.”

“The opportunity to personally meet each TechSoup partner and share knowledge and experiences has been fantastic! Although we all work for the same purpose, because we are in different countries, sometimes the approach is different and learning how to do it differently is great!”

The project is co-funded by the European Union.