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TechSoup Global Network Power

March 28 – 30, 2017, NGOs from 50 countries, who operate together as the TechSoup Global Network, gather for three days in San Francisco to reflect on the political, social, and economic challenges in the world and chart a path for strengthening civil society. 28 partner organisations from TechSoup Europe Network were also there! 6th […]


Techsoup Sweden: A Digitalization Partner For NGOs

For last few months, TechSoup Sweden have been looking for the best solution to be more relevant for NGOs. TechSoup wanted to be seen more as a digitalization partner than only a donation partner; that’s how TechSoup Kompetens was created. Last year TechSoup Sweden did a survey among all registered organizations in Sweden asking what […]


Italy: Spreading The Voice About Google For Non Profits

Everything start when we first met our Google diplomats last spring. We shared the idea of getting Italian NGOs aware of the solutions offered by Google for Non Profits programme, and so we scheduled a three stop roadshow in three different cities in the north of Italy – Milan, Bologna and Padova. Three days with […]


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