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What Technology Does Your Nonprofit Need in 2020?

Nonprofits face a unique moment in history. The intense challenges of 2020 are changing everything about how we fundraise, adapt, and use technology to serve our communities. This inflection point will shape everything we do for the next decade — and beyond. In the midst of this global crisis, TechSoup is partnering with a group […]


Software Marketplace for Charities

Tech Trust launched a software marketplace specifically for charities. It provides charities with discounts on software, services and tools to support their missions. The tt-marketplace is a programme offered by our partner from UK – the Tech Trust, a charity with 17 years’ worth of experience helping charities utilise new technologies. As well as the tt-marketplace, Tech […]


Technology Trust Brand Update

Our partner from the United Kingdom – Technology Trust – has announced one of the slightest brand updates of the year – shortening its name to Tech Trust.   The change of name, though subtle, better reflects the nature of digital services today as well as Tech Trust’s own offerings to the charity sector. New offerings […]


Refugee Response: TechSoup’s New Online Technology Resource for NGOs Helping Refugees

By Jim Lynch TechSoup Europe is proud to celebrate World Refugee Day by announcing a new humanitarian project that that we’re doing in Europe and the Middle East. It is called Refugee Response and it is a project in cooperation with Microsoft to respond to the refugee crisis. Refugee Response is an online technology informational […]


Meet Hungarian NGO Awardees 2017

As a nonprofit expert and long-time sector developer in Hungary, TechSoup Europe partner NGO, NIOK Foundation has created its NGO Awards to showcase and reward initiatives, achievements and cooperative partnerships which improve opportunities for deprived or disadvantaged groups, which raise awareness about current pressing social issues, and which present solutions to the problems at hand. Last […]


Get Software Donations for your NGO with TechSoup!

What Is the TechSoup Donation Programme? Both traditional refugee service organizations and those who have recently found themselves working with displaced families, work hard to meet critical basic needs. Though there are a numerous ways in which technology can help, there is little time to explore available tools and services in the face of increasingly […]



How to make government more open and transparent? How to fight against undemocratic governments? Is online “de-radicalization” possible and how to protect privacy online? How did social networks influence results of Brexit? How and why did Donald Trump win presidential election in the US? Did fake news, that were spread from this area, contribute to […]


What Next For Digital Social Innovation?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an impressive growth in projects and organisations using digital technologies such as open hardware, open data and crowdsourcing to tackle social challenges which inspire examples of scale and partnerships with public services. But what next? This question was addressed at last week’s conference organized by Nesta.   The […]


Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2017

“The more powerful civil society we create, the more pressure from governments we experience. We have to be prepared, so be brave! Our main task is to use people’s energy and help them to make change. We must go out of our comfort zones. To reboot democracy, we must reboot ourselves. We imagine new democracy projects but […]


How Did tt-exchange Convert More Passive Website Visitors Into Active Users?

Since changing the landing page from the Microsoft title group to Instapage ad, our partner – Technology Trust has seen a 2.5 x improvement in registration conversion from AdWords in early days. What is the recipe for success? Read interview with Matthew Moorut, Head of Marketing, Technology Trust.   TechSoup Europe: Matt, can you give […]


Rockit Digital Summit

Digital Communication Network is happy to invite you to join a networking conference of digital communication professionals in Warsaw, Poland, 16-17 February 2017! Rockit Digital Summit is an annual international conference bringing innovation, entrepreneurial mindset and technology to digital communication and media. Check out the last year’s conference video: In 2016, Rockit (#rockitmoldova) took […]


Don’t Ruin Your Weekend with Homework. Advices for Civic Activists

Hackathons are a great way to collaborate with a team of various talents to achieve a specific goal. They are not marathons, but rather sprints: 48 or—in this regard—16 hours to come up with a working  prototype is not that much. Thus, in order to win, you need to know where and how you are […]


Hackathon – What Is It and Is It Worth Organizing?

Do you want to plan and hold a hackathon? Find out what it is, what is the purpose hidden behind it and what are the best solutions for an organization to carry it out. A hackathon (hack-a-thon) may be defined as a manner of work that is strongly connected with new technologies. “A programing sprint […]


How to Organize a Hackathon

Do you want to organize a hackathon? You are certain that this form is the best answer to your needs and, moreover, you have already chosen its form, e.g. a workshop or a competition? Check what you already know, what you still do not know and how much time you need. Let’s go through the […]


Ukraine: 20 finalists of the Apps4Cities Challenge

Twenty finalists announced on October 3 will continue to compete in the Ukrainian Apps4Cities Challenge for four prizes of  $3,000 each and the opportunity to further develop their projects. Apps4Cities or “Дані міст” is an initiative of the Civil Network OPORA and TechSoup supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The project focuses on […]

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