Two campaigns ‘You are not alone’ and ‘Eco Roulette’ from Bosnia & Herzegovina are the first winners of #Tech4Stories project that aims to improve communication skills of nonprofits.


Tech4Stories is an information, media literacy and social campaigning program for nonprofits to increase their communication skills and power up their social impact.

Together with our partners – TechSoup Romania and TechSoup Balkans, supported by RNTC, we organised training for activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania to teach them how to reach their audience with persuasive storytelling. Learning new skills during our training participants worked on ideas for the campaigns on the social issues they feel are the most crucial at the moment.

After the mentoring period, winners will prepare few local or national media campaigns to get communities attention for the causes they stand for.

You are not alone

This campaign is prepared by Eco Echo organisation from Banja Luka, which supports pregnant women and mothers who deal with mental health issues.

At the moment nobody in Bosnia & Herzegovina talks about the maternal mental health and women keep silent about changes they experience during pregnancy and postpartum period mostly because of the shame they would face if they asked for help.

“We want to raise awareness about the topic, as well as to build a community of moms who will support each other and share their experience in order to show other moms that they are not the only one dealing with this issue, a community that is able to engage with moms about postpartum disorders” – says Jelena Mihić Salapura, one of the campaign creators.

#youarenotalone #postpartumdepression #womensupportingwomen #postnatal

Eco Roulette

Eco Roulette will be prepared by Green Team from Novi Grad. It aims to engage citizens and green organisations to unite and resist the dumping of nuclear waste by river Una.

The Una river is a natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is in danger because of the nuclear waste coming from The Krško Nuclear Power Plant, owned by Croatia and Slovenia, constructed during the time of the former Yugoslavia.

The Green Team is concerned about the safety of local residents and the potential impact the waste could have on the environment and on their health.

“The aim of our campaign is to build a coalition of green organizations working together for the same goal to stop the potential landfill of nuclear waste” says Mario Crnković, from Green Team.

#liferoulette, #nonuclearwaste, #toxicyellow