We are happy to announce that in order to continue the investment in TechSoup Europe Education Program partners from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Northern Macedonia and Poland supported by partners from Italy, Sweden, and Turkey soon will start a new Erasmus+ Mobility project.

This time we will focus on the internal development and training of TechSoup Europe partner staff from Austrian Fundraising AssociationWorkshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, Les Ateliers du Bocage, NIOK Foundation, Metamorphosis Foundation and Fundacja TechSoup supported by partners from SocialTechno, FORUM and STGM – Civil Society Development Centre. Around 2-6 participants from TechSoup partner organisation will attend five different 3-day long trainings:

  1. Ankara, Turkey – January 2020 – NGO Communication Strategy; Leveraging Social Media; Tools to craft creative content.
  2. Warsaw, Poland – March 2020 – Guiding NGOs on their Digital Transformation Journey.
  3. Milan, Italy – April 2020 – Training Development Methodology.
  4. Stockholm, Sweden – June 2020 – Combating Shrinking Civil Space: Building effective and strategic counternarratives.
  5. Vienna, Austria – September 2020 – Creating Effective Campaigns; Storytelling; Creation of Positive Narratives & Effective Outreach Strategies.

TechSoup Europe Education Strategy Development

The trainings will be based on already existing (or to be developed) trainings and materials within the TechSoup Europe network . With this new Mobility project we want to scale already existing training resource and share the knowledge with other TSE partners so they can go onto to leverage the content for use in their orgs (both internally and externally for the NGOs they serve).

If you are a TechSoup partner and you are interested to join in any of these trainings, please reach out as there is space for a few additional participants. Please reach out to Maria Makowska mmakowska@techsoup.org or Sun Park spark@techsoup.org.

We are excited to collaborate further with our partners and continue to build out the TechSoup Europe Education Strategy.