It’s hard to find good webinars addressed to the needs of civil society, instead of business. The TechSoup Europe Network takes the challenge to produce webinars addressing social topics with a  local context and in various languages.


In the end of February 2017, participants from 11 countries from our network practiced together various aspects of webinars production and explored principles of adult education, such as the ADDIE Instructional Design Model. The training was an interesting concept itself. It was based on blended learning and included elements of offline and online learning. We used the Online Courses Platform, recently launched by TechSoup.  Mentors from our German partner, Haus des Stiftens, provided practical insights from their experience of running a very successful webinar education programme.

The first webinars will be presented by following organisations: Mozaik Foundation, Metamorphosis FoundationSocialTechnoAsociatia Techsoup RomaniaCivil Society Development CentreCivil Network OPORAGURT Resource CentreWorkshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF).

The better the preparation, the better the implementation. We hope our webinars will be as full of inspiring content and positive energy as the training organized in Warsaw.

“It was great to learn new ways to communicate, organize and plan webinars and courses. It will help me understand more about adult learners and ways to help our NGOs to grow more”. [Quote from evaluation survey]