March 28 – 30, 2017, NGOs from 50 countries, who operate together as the TechSoup Global Network, gather for three days in San Francisco to reflect on the political, social, and economic challenges in the world and chart a path for strengthening civil society. 28 partner organisations from TechSoup Europe Network were also there!

6th TechSoup Global Network Summit was hosted by our global partner Google, in its San Francisco office.

TechSoup Global Network partners manage a range of technology capacity-building programs to serve communities in nearly every region of the world. TechSoup Europe consists of 28 civil society capacity building organisations across 48 countries. Each network partner tailors its program to the needs of its community and shares insights with other network partners to better serve communities worldwide. Together we’ve reached 851,000 organizations and delivered US$7.6 billion in technology tools and philanthropic services.

During three days meeting we had a chance to meet with each other but also with our partners and donors. We were discussing on philanthropic trends and barriers to giving effectively – where is innovation in giving showing promise and how might a global database of nonprofits and the capabilities of the TechSoup Global Network make a difference.

Representatives of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PayPal, Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative, Levi Strauss Foundation and Corporate Affairs, Levi Strauss & Co.

Anna Sienicka, Vice President Europe, TechSoup and Executive Director, led the panel “TechSoup Partners: Combating Shrinking Spaces for Civil Society Around the World”. We tried to answer the question who is shrinking space for civil society? Governments? People? Lack of civic engagement?

Catalina Escobar, Director, MAKAIA (Colombia), Matt Jung, TechSoup Asia Pacific (China), Janet Mawiyoo, Kenya Community Development Foundation (Kenya), Vesna Bajšanski-Agić, Executive Director, Fondacija Mozaik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Kuba Wygnanski, Board President, Unit for Social Innovation and Research SHIPYARD and Fundacja TechSoup Board Member (Poland)

There was also time for learning – we were exploring cloud technologies, data security and privacy, learning from partners how to make operations more efficient and effective or creating a common global campaign. There were lots of discussions on the ways of engaging community in app design or fininding multiple ways of ICT education.

One of our hosts was also DocuSign where we held regional meetings. TechSoup Europe Partners were introduced to the results of the survey about the network. We discovered the beauty of our diversity working on , ,  or . It is our great power which we going to use in deeper cooperation between partners.

Our partner Autodesk invited us at the Autodesk Gallery, named a top destination by Wired magazine and featuring stories of exceptional design and engineering from across the globe. We could

All network partners are TechSoup legs and arms on the field  .

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