For last few months, TechSoup Sweden have been looking for the best solution to be more relevant for NGOs. TechSoup wanted to be seen more as a digitalization partner than only a donation partner; that’s how TechSoup Kompetens was created.

Last year TechSoup Sweden did a survey among all registered organizations in Sweden asking what is missing regarding digitalization. One thing stood out more than other answers; the fact that NGOs need more knowledge on HOW to use digital tools for more impact.


As a result Swedish TS team decided to offer workshops in topics related to the donation program offer. They called it TechSoup Kompetens. The first course aims to help NGOs understand and get started with Google for Non-Profits (G4NP).

“We basically decided to build  a one-day workshop regarding G4NP with the focus to help as many organizations as possible manage, understand and start using search engine advertising through Google Ad Grants. What we will do, for half of the day, is go through how your organization can use G suite and YouTube for nonprofits. For the other half, we will go through the basics in search engine advertising through Google Ad Grants. We are aiming for NGOs that have none or very little experience in using Google Ad Grants, as one of our goals is to get as many NGOs in Sweden to start using the offer that Google provides. Expect hands-on knowledge; one important point of view is to get NGOs together to collaborate, exchange experiences and other relevant perspectives they have learned through their NGO-profile, says Samuel.”

TechSoup Sweden is planning to focus on the Google session for the whole year and do it in different locations in Sweden. The first round is held in Stockholm in late February and is open to 15 participants.

How to promote training among NGOs?

It took only 10 days and the event in Stockholm was fully booked. To market this we used ordinary content posts on social media, primary Facebook and we tried some Facebook Ads for 50-60 euros. Then we used the email list we have of all qualified organizations in our database to reach out with the information through two emails.

We had the opportunity to use a Swedish tool called Confetti Events. It´s an online tool that helps you build  a landing page and organize the booking information and process payments  for events. That helped us build a really nice event page and minimize the administration for us.

next steps