“I felt I did make a difference!” says one of NAVISSOS’s Ambassadors of Change, the young leaders who created social media campaign aiming to combat trolling. They were supported by a Serbian NGO – NAVISSOS, as a participant of a Game Changer project. Want to learn about tools that can be used to create meaningful change in youth? Check out!

In January 2021 NAVISSOS, NGO from Niš, Serbia was selected as one 24 Game Changer’s Dissemination NGOs to conduct their own Social City Games and Youth-Led Social Media campaigns. Their activities inspired young people to broach tough topics like hate speech, bullying, internet trolls, racism and cultural difference. 

“We aim to create an innovative society where people make creative moves – says Bojan Golubović, Project Manager NAVISSOS.

Applying new technologies and approaches in workshops, we strive to see this happen. We also this change will eventually come by increasing confidence, positive social relations and enjoyment, with youth being a crucial part of it. We bring our vision closer to our communities by organising engaging projects and activities for youth and making progress into inclusion, pro-activity and tolerance.”

Using games for social change

NAVISSOS’s favorite Social City Game was Words Like Daggers, which simulates online environments in person that allow players to see how their (and other’s) speech, negative comments, and actions online can create real-world problems.

“To whomever is behind this (Words Like Daggers), keep it going, because it’s an awesome way to comprehend the importance between behind social topics and a fun way to express all of it”

Anonymus Game Player in Evaluation Survey

“Very nice initiative. This is not discussed in schools, which is why it would be beneficial for this game to reach as many students as possible.”

Anonymus Game Player in Evaluation Survey

“The games we played revealed the real impact social media has on young people. These games showed that impressions could be made very fast and transformed even into bullying in few minutes. I liked how it allowed us to think more about something that we are using daily and often forget about its consequences. Besides being very educative, they were fun at the same time, and I am glad I had a chance to participate“.

Anonymus Game Player in Evaluation Survey

 Campaigning Against Trolling and Hate Speech!

NAVISSOS also supported young people (Ambassadors of Change) throughout Serbia who created campaigns on Instagram aiming to combat trolling, because trolling can severely negatively impact the targets of trolls’ posts.

”The concept of these Social City Games and RPGs are so amusing! They introduced us to a vast and severe problem that needs to be addressed and talked about more effectively. I think through these activities everyone became a little more aware of the concept and consequences of cyber-bullying, and also, we had a great time“.
Anđelka Bulatović, NAVISSOS

Between their 2 campaigns, over 5 weeks, their Ambassadors of Change’s campaigns garnered 2250+ likes and nearly 1400 reactions.

“I felt we did make a change, we definitely improved the awareness of the problem.”- says the Ambassadors of Change. “I felt I did make a difference! We received much positive feedback from the community, a lot of shares and likes on Instagram. I feel we made a real difference with the people who wanted to listen to our voices and read the creative posts we made.

Make your own Game!

If you are interested in creating your own game based on NAVISSOS example or you would like to learn how to prepare social media campaign with youth, use our materials!