If you are visiting Madrid during this summer, you need to visit VII Biennial of Contemporary Art of the ONCE Foundation. The exhibition is more inclusive than ever thanks to an innovative application and interactive robot that provides accessible information about the art show.

VII Biennial of Contemporary Art of the ONCE Foundation takes place in CentroCentro space in Madrid and will remain open to the public from June 5th to September 16th. This ambitious project pays tribute to the 80 years of evolution of the ONCE Foundation. The mission of the exhibition is to achieve the two key objectives of Fundación ONCE: universal accessibility and inclusion so everybody can enjoy culture on equal terms.

Amuse App

Amuse, an innovative application based on beacon technology converts museums and exhibitions to a more inclusive, interactive and entertaining show for visitors with and without disabilities. The app was developed by ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad and funded by ONCE Foundation.

Within the VII Biennial of Contemporary Art of Fundación ONCE and through Amuse, the user can choose two types of visits: guided or free. In each of them, the user will access the information about the works exhibited within each of the spaces that make up this show, as well as videos and explanatory audios.

Photo: Fundacion Once

Likewise, Amuse incorporates automatic recognition of images so that it can provide information on any piece of work simply by focusing on it with the mobile device.

It also includes a game mode, with which the visitor can learn even more in a fun way about the show, it is created to recognize and highlight the work of artists with some type of disability or those who found disability to be their inspiration.

Currently, this ‘app’ is available for compatible phones with low-power bluetooth (‘Bluetooth Low Energy’) for iOS and Android operating systems.It also has an online tool, which allows the customer to update content and games through the internet as many times as it sees fit and quickly, easily and without additional cost.


On the other hand, during a visit to the exhibition visitors can also interact thanks to the robot called PACA (Personal & Accessible Cognitive Assistant). Visitors can talk with this robot to get information on the exhibition calendar, the conditions of accessibility of the site and information on the themes of the exhibited works, among others.

Photo: Ilunion

If you also want more information, the android will also tell you how to download the Amuse app.

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