The strategic development of NGOs is not possible without good leadership, but also without the wise use of technology. Digital tools can help organizations accomplish their mission better – but you must learn to use them well.

✅What is the role of NGO leaders in the digital transformation of their organization?
✅How should organizations improve the use of technology to better accomplish their mission?

January 30, you could join our webinar to get to know the answers. Here is the recording:

During the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to look at digital transformation as a change in the organization, initiate process of identifying the key needs of their organization in the area of digital transformation, learn about the experiences of others and start the development of an action plan for the future.

📌Who is the webinar for? Who will benefit most from the webinar?

We invite everyone who is responsible for the strategic development of the organization and influences their way of operation:
• members of the board,
• directors and directors,
• managers and program managers.

📌What will you learn?

• how technology affects the operation of non-governmental organizations
• what digital transformation is
• how technologies can better accomplish the organization’s mission
• what is the role of leaders in the digital transformation of the organization
• how to carry out digital transformation in an organization

📌Who led the webinar?

Denis Siljak, Head of the TechSoup Europe Digital Transformation Program. Denis is responsible for leading on developing and delivering a full spectrum of the Digital Transformation Program for TechSoup Europe Partner Network such as: offline and on-line trainings, development of training content, development of new solutions and services, identifying network of subject matter experts, building out a repository of tech tools/resources, new methodologies.